T is for How We Spend Our Time

Hello Friends,

I read a couple of interesting posts lately about time and the value of time and the waste of time. As I approach a milestone birthday this year I find myself questioning more and more what I am doing with my “remaining” time.

Do you ever ask yourself this question? I am betting that you, just like me, have questioned how you use your time. I know I want to use my time more efficiently. I want to do more with less. I want to make the most out of each moment I have.

But having said that, I don’t know that I need more hours in my days. Yes, we all want more time in a larger sense, but really we have little control over the number of days we have with which to squander or hoard our moments. We do have control over what we do with the hours we are given and I think this is where I find I must know what I really want.

What is of value to me?

What do I love?

Who do I love?

Where do I want to be?

Is this spot where my feet a firmly planted, where I really want to be?

Am I filling my days with minutia or am I filling my days with value?

Am I filling my days with purpose?

Am I filling them with fluff?

In knowing what and who and where I can then move to the how. For it is in the how that we find our place.

Time is not about using time to get someplace, to get to some end. As if it is truly all about the destination and not about the journey. We all know fundamentally that this is not the case. We know that it is really about loving and enjoying as many seconds out of every minute of our existence that we can.

I came across this amazing link the other day. If you are  remotely curious about others and how they live their lives this will be right up your alley.

Big-Thinkers-Time-Management-08-685x462From Mozart to Dickens

I am starting to build a better mousetrap with my time, by noticing more poignantly what is important to me and what I need to focus on. So, I look to those I love to make sure I am spending my time with them. I look to what I find myself drawn to doing, like writing for this blog, and I am making sure I have built in enough time to do this.

So, how do you fill your days? What is important to you?




M is for Magic Mirrors

Hello Friends,

Okay, after yesterday’s post, I think we are ready for a little brevity and awe. Every time I visit this site I find something to love. They never disappoint. This particular spread was eye-opening in a way I had not anticipated. Go take a look and let me know what you think! I really want to know.

via This is Colossal

via This is Colossal


I love going to this site to see images, projects, and ideas that astonish and change me. Go now and then come back and tell me what you liked most.



I is for Idleness

Hello Friends,

I have always worked. I am the oldest of four children and I started changing diapers and feeding my little brother when I was about three. I babysat for years. I had a paper route at twelve. I lied and got my Food Handler’s permit at the age of 13 so that I could go to work in a deli/ice cream shop. I worked two jobs while going to school full time and raising my daughter on my own. I have always worked.

Two years ago when we moved here to Northern California for my husband’s position, I resigned from my instructional coaching position to concentrate on supporting my kids and husband with the move. I worked on our home. I made new friends. A year went by. I looked for work, but there aren’t many coaching positions available these days, in this area. So, I planted more vegetables. I filled out flower beds with new roses and other perennials. Another year went by. I added more raised garden beds to our vegetable garden. I painted my laundry room. I sorted my clothes. I wrote.

But all along I felt idle. I still feel idle. As if I am waiting for some great thing to happen. For something to break up the monotony of my days. As if idleness is truly a bad thing. I feel guilty and ill at ease in my idleness. Sure I volunteer. I am on a foundation board. I work on this blog. I knit and crochet. I make delicious meals for my family.

But I am uncomfortable in this new idleness.

My thoughts ramble. I struggle to gain momentum. I need a way to manage idleness. A way to be alright with it.

I have never enjoyed watching television and if I do watch it, I have to be sorting socks, folding laundry, dusting (not that I do that much), knitting or returning emails. I can’t just sit and do nothing. I don’t know how to be idle.

I am sure there are others who struggle with this too. This balance between militant efficiency and sloth-ish negligence. I want a rich and full life of grand discovery and love. I just think it might help me to be still and at peace with the idleness. What might happen if I allowed my mind and body to rest at the same time? Sit outside and just enjoy the new leaves on our oak trees. Look to the bird bath and just enjoy the finches playfully bathing. Close my eyes and lean back in my chair. Take a deep breath and just be.

I bet amazing things would happen.


A to Z Challenge and Theme Reveal

Hello Friends,

I am participating in a challenge for the month of April and it will be a blast and a challenge! I plan on writing an entry for each letter of the alphabet during the month of April. This will mean I will be posting every day but Sunday and referencing a letter of the alphabet.

Each entrant for this challenge has chosen a theme, My theme is impermanence. The name of my blog references this theme as do many of my posts. I feel the passing of time more fervently these days and I also love the idea of impermanence.

All things pass. There are seasons, births, deaths, sunrises and sunsets. I know that is stating the somewhat obvious for us but impermanence is about letting go. Accepting. Surrendering. Being present in the moment without getting called into the drama or the trivial. This is important to me.

I will still be posting some of my “regular” posts as well. So there will be plenty to read and comment on. I am so excited about participating in this. Let me know if you decide to participate too. It will be a party!

Here is the link if you want to participate.

A to Z Challenge



The Price of Worry

Dear Friends,

The background of the old painted boards
She worried all the time. Worries about what might be. What could be. What if. What had she tossed away? What had she kept? Had she chosen the right husband? Had she moved to the right state? Did she choose the right vocation? Did she do everything right? Was she failing her children? Was she failing herself? She worried and worried.

And it did her no good.

The worry is just that. Worry. It doesn’t fixx, solve, repair, build, or complete anything. It just takes away from what we have in our hearts and heads. When we worry we prolong the projected pain that we think will be there in front of us. We try to work through some of that projected pain by worrying, as if that will lessen the impact, the real pain, that may come with the worry coming true.

I worry all the time about my writing. Will I ever write as much as I need to to get better? Will I ever write something that I might submit for publishing? Will I ever write something worth publishing? What if no one wants to publish my work? What if my work is total crap? What if I am the only one who doesn’t notice it is complete and total crap?

Yeah, okay. Well then. Does it help me in any way? No. It robs me of my joy and open heart. It makes it harder for me to sit down and write anything. For my worries have taken the control. They care captaining the ship that is me. I am now on the worry course headed to Worry Island, and for what? Nothing. Only more delays. Only more procrastination. More putting off what I am called to do, no matter what it is.

When we put our energy into worrying we create a place free from promise and potential. We hunker down with demons who keep our feet cobbled. We can’t go far now for we are buried in our own self-fulfilling worry connected at the feet to some old story about not being deserving or good enough.

I have never been a big believer in the power of positive thinking, but I am a believer in “worry will hamper your style.” Worry will rob you of what really matters to you for you will be too busy worrying to notice that your train has come and it is time to board that lounge car and bang something out with confidence, determination, and an open heart.

Don’t miss your train.