The Wonders of this Week

Hello Friends,

This week I am:


I am writing more chapters for my novel. I have some time while on this trip and it feels good to focus on the writing.


Lunch in Paris


This is a complete escape and fantasy for me. A fun book full of recipes and romantic memories of life and love in Paris. Perfect.


To this.

via OregonLive

via OregonLive

I went to the Sarah McLachlan concert at Edgefield almost a week ago. My daughter, Chloe, took me there and we had a great time. It was odd though. It was a bit underwhelming. No opening band. No announcing her move to the stage. She just walked out with her band, in her mom jeans. I kid you not. And she just started playing. She started with one of her new songs that I was not familiar with being that it was from her brand new album, so it took me a minute to realize that it was her. The show was okay, but I wanted the passionate, angst filled, torch singer not the content mom. It was nice to hear her old and new stuff, but the old stuff really plays to her vocal strengths where the new stuff felt flat and lifeless. The setting was fantastic. The company, lovely. The venue, familiar. The performer, lackluster.


There is a young man, my son’s age, who lives in our old home town and he is struggling, mightily. He is a smart young man with a ton of great ideas and skills. His home life is completely awful. I really want him to be able to move in with us to finish school but I know he can’t just get in the car and come home with us, not without written consent from his parents. So I am thinking about how to make this happen.


A dear friend of mine and I have been fantasizing/planning a trip to Barcelona this fall. Oh, how I want to go. So badly. Barcelona Baby!!




The tide. We are staying in a friend’s cabin in Pacific City on the Oregon coast and our cabin is on an inlet connecting to a river so we get to watch the tide go in and out. We have seen so much wildlife. Deer walk within ten feet of us when we sit out in the back garden overlooking the river. Cranes land nearby. Herons search for fish. Schools of fish flip and splash in front of us.


A little more heart in my life. Anyone else find themselves toughening up around the edges sometimes? Yeah, I do. So, I am incorporating more self-care (namely sleep and books for now) into my life. How do you bring a little more heart into your life?


How our fireplace turned out. It was all brick with a huge built in OAK mantle. It was monstrous, but now the brick is whitewashed and all the wood is a soft gray. I will post before and after photographs soon.


Lots of clam chowder and fish and chips. Living in northern California, inland quite a bit means we don’t often get to enjoy those most Oregonian of seafood choices. So we are stocking up on rainy days, mist, cold winds, clam chowder, and dory caught fish and chips.


A lot of red wine…

I attribute this format to  Blue Bird Baby Simple. Lovely. Soulful. Inspiring.  Go check it out.

I hope your week is good. I wish for you a week of sunshine and love.


G is For the Garden of My Dreams

Hello Friends,
It is that time of year when the garden wakes up and starts flirting with us all. The promise of great harvests both floral and food.

All the hard work of last year starts to pay off this year as our perennials assert themselves after a long winter’s sleep.

The vegetable beds are full of starts and sprouting seeds. Shallots. Carrots. Red bell peppers. Tomatoes. Twelve varieties. Lemon cucumbers. Yellow patty pan squash. Asparagus. Snow peas. Snap peas. Arugula. Kale. Oak leaf lettuce. Butter lettuce. Mustard greens. Spinach. Red Sail lettuce. Green leaf lettuce. Broccoli Raab. Fingerling potatoes. Yukon Gold potatoes. Shishito peppers. Basil. Rosemary. Chives and more chives. Mint. Oregano. Marjoram. Thyme. Italian flat leaf parsley. Meyer lemons. Five trees because I love them so. Lime Trees. Blueberries. Six varieties. Strawberries and more strawberries. Raspberries.

Roses are blooming.

2014-04-05 15.59.17








Calla lilies are standing tall and pure.

Lemon trees are blossoming with the promise of hot tea on a cold winter afternoons.

2014-04-05 15.59.43





Little strawberries are turning rosy in the sun.
Raspberry canes are struggling to free themselves from their enclosure.
Asparagus spears poke their tips up through the soil, reaching for the sky.
Lettuces, wet with morning dew lean against each other in support. Safety in numbers.

2014-04-05 15.54.28






Lavender blooms vigorously knowing its season end is fast approaching.

2014-04-05 15.57.29








Oleander dances together on the hillside, branches waving to some hidden rhythm.

This is my garden. This is where I find my pride. This is where all things are possible and they show their various vibrant colors in support of the common goal. Let us all nourish each other with love, tenderness, hard work, and consistent devotion.

F is for Flip Flops!

Hello Friends,

F is for Flip Flops.

I remember the day when we used to call them thongs. We wore them everywhere in summer. We even wore them while we rode our bikes, without helmets. But thongs mean something else now. I can accept change. I can. I just think that on this day, the day of the F, we should have fun too!
So, enjoy!

Making Of – Flip Flop Visuals from Radoxist studio on Vimeo.


D is for Decay

Hello Friends,

I started this blog as a place to write. A place to start back down the road of creating story again. I wanted to have a place where I could relearn and redevelop my writing habits. I have stories I need to write and I have stories I don’t even know yet that I need to write and a blog seemed like a good place to start.

As I thought about what I wanted this place to look like, feel like, and be like I struggled a bit. Did I want to focus on cooking? I mean I love to cook. Everyone loves what I come up with.

Did I want to focus on fashion? Probably not. I have never felt confident in that area. I have struggled mightily there.

How about gardening? I have a huge garden and I am always experiencing triumphs and tribulations with the natural world that exists outside my study window.

No. None of those felt right. There are so many blogs out there where people are doing such an amazing job! The talent. The creativity. The dedication and the depth of story and view are clearly beyond my talent and scope.

So, I thought more about the core of me. The core of my writing. The place where I am, me. That place is dominated by a sense of impermanence and imperfection. There is a tension in that place.   Maybe it is in the acceptance that one finds grace. I struggle with accepting imperfection and impermanence. I want perfection. I want immortality. But it is in the flaws, the ripped seams, the faded blossoms that we find grace. It is in the mortality that we find value and meaning.  All things are fleeting and there is imperfection in everything we do. We are human and their are frayed edges to each of us. This is the meaning of wabisabi.

I have a garden that is almost a year round garden now with food growing through every season. I love living in an area where I can do that and I am taking full advantage.

So I started a compost this year. I have a large bin near my garden and not too far from my back door. Inside while I work out all the kinks of composting, I am using a huge clear glass apothecary jar to hold the bits and bats that come with eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is probably a three gallon jar with a clear glass lid that makes that satisfying cookie jar lid clanging noise when you close it. It sits next to my kitchen sink in front of a large bay window. I keep this jar very clean. You can see right through it and out the window to the garden.

As I drop my onion ends and orange peels and red pepper ends in to the jar it creates these layers. Right now there is a layer of lettuces left over from a salad. There are sections of coffee grounds from our morning coffees. There are egg shells from my son’s breakfast. There are all these layers and they represent our days. Our days pass and the layers grow. After about three days the jar is close to full and I can see that things towards the bottom are settling down into their respective places. Things are beginning to marry with each other.

I like the look of this. I like that the passage of time is so clearly laid bare right there in my kitchen. I see it every day. Every time I get a glass of water. Every time I wash a dish or pour myself another cup of coffee, I can see the physical manifestation of the passage of time.

No one else in the house has really embraced the “compost bucket” in quite the sweeping way that I have and that is okay. I know this is a part of me that plays out continually. Noting the passing of time. The shift in the light out the window that signals the days are getting longer. The buds on my lemon trees that promise more tea this fall. And that is okay. I can watch for these things for us. I can note the small changes and bring them here for us to talk about. I will be here whenever you want to join the conversation.


A to Z Challenge and Theme Reveal

Hello Friends,

I am participating in a challenge for the month of April and it will be a blast and a challenge! I plan on writing an entry for each letter of the alphabet during the month of April. This will mean I will be posting every day but Sunday and referencing a letter of the alphabet.

Each entrant for this challenge has chosen a theme, My theme is impermanence. The name of my blog references this theme as do many of my posts. I feel the passing of time more fervently these days and I also love the idea of impermanence.

All things pass. There are seasons, births, deaths, sunrises and sunsets. I know that is stating the somewhat obvious for us but impermanence is about letting go. Accepting. Surrendering. Being present in the moment without getting called into the drama or the trivial. This is important to me.

I will still be posting some of my “regular” posts as well. So there will be plenty to read and comment on. I am so excited about participating in this. Let me know if you decide to participate too. It will be a party!

Here is the link if you want to participate.

A to Z Challenge




Hello Friends,

Don’t crowd me. Don’t push in on my edges. Don’t play loud music in your car next to me at the stoplight. Don’t stand so close in line. Don’t pick at your teeth around me. Don’t eat smelly food next to me on the plane. Don’t slurp your drink or soup. Don’t carry on personal conversations on your cell phone while I am shopping for shoes. Don’t clip your fingernails while waiting for your packages at the post office. Don’t meander slowly as if the rest of the world can just wait for you. Don’t spend ten minutes carrying on a conversation with your child in the school drop off line while the rest of us are waiting to drop off our kids.


Don’t crowd me. I need space and plenty of it. I am private and I believe in privacy. Some things should only happen behind the doors of your home. We all need a little more space, physical and psychological. Being raised in the country down a long dirt road, on land with no running water, electricity, indoor plumbing, or for that matter, glass windows, I learned to appreciate solitude and quiet. Crowds don’t freak me out. I am not agoraphobic. I can go to concerts, crowded bars, and the mall. I just prefer solitude. I prefer wide open spaces and the freedom to move.

Lisa Jo Baker has an interesting task every Friday. She calls it Five Minute Friday and it is a writing exercise posited around a particular prompt. You write to the prompt for a total of five minutes, uninterrupted, unedited, and then you link your writing to her site. As well, you go back and read two entries and comment on them.
She has, in effect, created a writer’s workshop. I love this and find it fun to participate in whether or not I had a blog. It is about the writing after all.




Hello Friends,



I am willing. I am ready. I am open. I am a vessel ready to receive and receive I will. All things good and joyful. All things righteous and true. I am willing to open my heart to the possibility. To the wonder. To the promise. To all that can be in my life.


There have been so many times in my life where I have not been willing. I have been afraid. Afraid of failure, disappointment, rejection. Haven’t you been afraid? Haven’t you been afraid to be willing? Because really, to be willing is just another way of saying your arms are open to possibility. You are willing to risk. You are willing to be vulnerable. You are willing to, fail, really. You are willing to take on risk, vulnerability, rejection, love, goodness, acceptance…

Willing is good. Willing is necessary for any change. At least any sustainable change. Any change that really matters. Step up. Step up. Hear ye. Hear ye. With willingness comes reward. If we open our hearts and we are willing to accept all that comes our way; the good and the bad, we will find our road.

I am willing.

Lisa Jo Baker has an interesting task every Friday. She calls it Five Minute Friday and it is a writing exercise posited around a particular prompt. You write to the prompt for a total of five minutes, uninterrupted, unedited, and then you link your writing to her site. As well, you go back and read two entries and comment on them.
She has, in effect, created a writer’s workshop. I love this and find it fun to participate in whether or not I had a blog. It is about the writing after all.