Raising Girls to Own Their World

Hello Friends,

“This is their world and they own it.” Yes, they do. Keep doing what you are doing mama. You are raising them up beautifully. As a mother of three daughters ages 28, 16, and 14, I can tell you it is a glorious and beautiful thing to watch our children grow and find their place in this world, this world that is theirs.

The quote above is the comment I left in response to a post Rebecca Woolf wrote on her blog,Girls Gone Child This is a fantastic blog. I have followed this blog since her older daughter, Fable, was a baby. It is the place I go when I want to feel good about my parenting and the parenting that others are doing. Her children are lovely. Her approach to parenting is so good and full of love and truth. Her photographs are to be gazed on with joy and pleasure. Her posts are well-written and truly insightful, whether she is talking about the Bronie phenomenon, marriage, or vacations.

Go read her now, but start with this post. This is where she talks about girls and beauty and society and power. Start here for she has written what I wanted to write and she has written it for all of us. So, let’s cut to the chase, shall we?