Talk is Cheap

Hello friends,

The inaugural post. I sit at my desk and I am eager to jump in. To say all that swims around in my heart and head. There is a balance between exposition and reserve. This is a place where that balance is pretty important. You choose to bear things about yourself, warts and all. (I have no warts!) You send your information out into the world and you want to be welcomed. At the same time no one really cares about what you had for lunch, but maybe your family doctor and even then I would be suspicious. Maggie Mason is an amazing inspiration for me. She creates copy in the most open manner, but she refrains from spilling her guts about the mundane.

My posts will focus on being of use to you, my dear friend. This will not be a place where I brag or preen, but rather a place where I try to bring something of value to you. I think I will start with this…

Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap from Toby & Pete on Vimeo.