Secret Alphabet

Hello Friends,

So, a long time ago I lived in an air shaft of an old brewery in the Mission district in San Francisco. I listened to punk rock and had black hair. I gave myself a tattoo (still regretting that particularly lame decision…) and in general, had a completely irresponsible experience, but a glorious one too while I figured out who I was. At least at the time…

There was this song by my favorite band called X and they were amazing. Are you with me? Anyway, they played a cover of an old Doors song you may remember. Soul Kitchen. In the song Jim Morrison refers to speaking in secret alphabets. Well, we took this rather literally (Hell, that is how I got the tattoo. I made the mistake of watching The Decline of Western Civilization which  showcased how to give yourself a tattoo.) and started writing our own secret alphabets. We wrote secret alphabets of things we didn’t like, things we loved, things we wanted, boys we had crushes on… I think you get the idea.

Basically it goes like this.

Things that I love about my life

A – Apples, Adoration, Artichokes,

B – Bumble Bees, Balloons, Ballet

C – Chocolate of course, Cuckoo Clocks, Coffee with cream, Crème Caramel, Champagne

D – Desire, Devotion, Daisies

E – Elephant babies, Excellence

F – Feathers, Frolicking, Fierce Loyalty

G – Going fast, Goals

H – Holy Places, Happiness

I – Ice Cream

J – Jets, as in being a jet setter

K – Knitting,

L – Love, Love, Love

M – Mothers, Monster Cookies, Music

N – Nutella on Croissants

O – Opulence

P – Poetry, Pearls, Presents

Q – Quilts of all kinds

R – Roses, Rainbows, Ranunculus, Reading

S – Snuggling

T – Tea in a proper cup

U – Undulating wheat on a windy day

V – Vows, Veils, Venice

W – Watching Waves

X – The band of course…

Y – Yonder places

Z – Zyrtec (it cures what ails my family, particularly during these months)

So, that is how you create a Secret Alphabet. Let me know what you come up with when you write yours!



S is for Secret Alphabet

Hello Friends,

This A to Z challenge has been fun for many reasons, but one in particular. As a teenage girl I lived in San Francisco and hung out with punk rock bands. I actually lived in the air shaft of a beer vat in a large old brewery for a while, though that is a story for another day. Anyway, I had dreadlocks, gave myself a tattoo, wore vintage aprons over all my dresses, and, read poetry by Exene Cervenka and Lydia Lunch. Exene Cervenka is the lead vocalist of the punk rock band, X. They were freaking amazing. I loved them as did all my girlfriends at that time. We all wanted to be like her. People thought I was trying to emulate her in how I dressed, wore my hair, etc, but I wasn’t really interested in being like her. I just wanted to write like her. I wanted to be a poet. I was not, but lord bless my little heart, I did try.

There is this one song. A cover actually. It is an old Doors song, Soul Kitchen. In the song the lyrics refer to speaking in secret alphabets. We (all my girlfriends at the time. Note: We all had matching martini tattoos on our ankles which we gave each other. We thought we were so hardcore. Ha!) Anyway, we took this idea of the secret alphabet and wrote out our own secret alphabets. These secret alphabets were like little poems. Each line featured a letter of the alphabet and then a themed response. So, it could be a secret alphabet consisted of things I like, loved, wanted, hated, feared, or loathed. It was a way to feel like a poet, but without all the heavy lifting. This A to Z challenge feels a bit like a secret alphabet. When I first thought about participating in this challenge, I immediately thought back to those secret alphabets. We all can write secret alphabets if we want. Share yours if you feel inclined.
You can listen to the song here if you would like. Nothing to look at except the cover of that album, but I still love the song. Now, I clean house to their albums. . .



J is for Joy

Hello Friends,

Here we are looking at the letter J. There are many places to go with the letter J, but for me I choose joy.


It is where wherever we find it. For some of us we find it between crevices in the sidewalk like a lost penny. For others it fills their each and every sunny day and every day is a sunny day.

Joy has not always been my friend. Joy was something I thought I could not find in my life. and yes, there are days where finding joy is a struggle. But there are more joyful days than not. Joy is wherever we find it.

I find it in my garden. I find it in my kitchen. I find it in my bed.

I find it in the faces of those I love. I find it in all the little ways we are kind to one another. I find it in the ways my children grow, mature, develop and come into their own. I find it in between the pages of a book. I find it in a great blog post. I find it in fleeting moments.

Here is the thing about joy. I had to open my heart up to the possibility that joy can exist plentifully in my life. I had to keep my eyes, ears, and very soul open to the little places where joy would appear maybe only fleetingly. It can pass in a moment and if you aren’t looking you may miss it altogether. So search out joy. Open your heart to all the possibility that joy can bring to your life. Where do you find joy?

P.S. Here is a little present to get you started.


Week 13/52

Hello Friends,

I am borrowing a format from an artist to use here.  Blue Bird Baby is a fantastic blog. Simple. Lovely. Soulful. Inspiring. She uses a weekly format to document. I like this method of tracking the days and the process. I have modified her approach a bit.  Every week you document and you note by the week.  She documents her darling daughter’s life in a really lovely way.  Go check it out.

This week I am:


Many entries for the A to Z Challenge. It is great fun and I have met some terrific people so far.


I am reading a great deal about blogging. I want to improve my site and so research is called for, but I am still reading many other things too. This week I am getting near the end of this delight:

Notes From A Blue Bike

Blue Bike


This lovely youngest daughter of mine grow up. Trying to pay attention to every moment.

September 2013 043


Vance Joy, Riptide


About my research road trip this summer. Looking forward to days and nights in many places.



A little bit of this loveliness in my own garden. Isn’t this beautiful?

via Jeffrey Gardens

via Jeffrey Gardens


Way more sleep. My husband has been sick and not sleeping well so he gets up in the middle of the night. I struggle to get back to sleep. Too much on my mind. I need more sleep…




A little cabin. A place where I can write and just be.



More eye cream than I usually do. Where are these wrinkles coming from… Frown.

eye cream


These bits of amazingness! You can count on Sprouted Kitchen to always get it right with savory foods. I was not expecting these to be that amazing, but they are. . . God save me from the remaining dozen or so lurking in my cookie jar.

via Sprouted Kitchen

via Sprouted Kitchen


This lovely and amazing stuff. Just on its own with a bit of ice. So refreshing. . .


I hope your week is good. I wish for you a week of love.


Buckets of Rain

Hello Friends,
Here in Northern California we are experiencing a drought. Folsom Lake which provides our area with most of our water supply is incredibly low. In fact, it is lower than it has been in over 50 years. People are going out there all the time to find treasures from the past. My brother is hoping to find his wallet and old Vuarnet sunglasses from the 80s. I don’t know that we hold out much luck for finding those. But we need the rain and rain was provided yesterday. Yesterday, the skies opened and the heavens spit hard.

Here is a song in celebration of that. It is a cover of an old Bob Dylan song. There are many covers of this song, but right now this one plays close to my heart. Enjoy.