Live Your Life List with Go Mighty!

Hello Friends,

So, a few years ago when I started reading blog posts with some regularity I came across a particular blogger who I fell completely in love with. She manages to keep things fresh and quirky and real, and at the same time makes you feel like she is the girlfriend we all wish we had.  Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl is that friend we all want. The funny thing is she is friendly. She comes across as someone who would be open to being your friend, or even mine.

She has shared so much on her blog and yet she has retained her dignity and self by not pandering to the tell all or the trite recipe unearthing. She presents her ideas in a way that is just cool.

She is the cool friend you wish you had at every gathering.

One of the offerings on her blog is her Go Mighty! Life List plan for all of us. I urge you all to examine your life lists and if you haven’t made one, do it now. Then go visit Maggie’s List and see how her life is going. There is a correlation between her life list and her life that makes me smile and gives me hope for all of us.