J is for Joy

Hello Friends,

Here we are looking at the letter J. There are many places to go with the letter J, but for me I choose joy.


It is where wherever we find it. For some of us we find it between crevices in the sidewalk like a lost penny. For others it fills their each and every sunny day and every day is a sunny day.

Joy has not always been my friend. Joy was something I thought I could not find in my life. and yes, there are days where finding joy is a struggle. But there are more joyful days than not. Joy is wherever we find it.

I find it in my garden. I find it in my kitchen. I find it in my bed.

I find it in the faces of those I love. I find it in all the little ways we are kind to one another. I find it in the ways my children grow, mature, develop and come into their own. I find it in between the pages of a book. I find it in a great blog post. I find it in fleeting moments.

Here is the thing about joy. I had to open my heart up to the possibility that joy can exist plentifully in my life. I had to keep my eyes, ears, and very soul open to the little places where joy would appear maybe only fleetingly. It can pass in a moment and if you aren’t looking you may miss it altogether. So search out joy. Open your heart to all the possibility that joy can bring to your life. Where do you find joy?

P.S. Here is a little present to get you started.


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