Effort is its Own Reward

Hello Friends,

Here is something to ponder:

Jonathan Litchfield

via Mystic Mamma

“Effort is its own reward.

We are here to do.

And through doing to learn;

and through learning to know;

and through knowing to experience wonder;

and through wonder to attain wisdom;

and through wisdom to find simplicity;

and through simplicity to give attention;

and through attention

to see what needs to be done…”

~Ben Hei Hei Pirke Avot 5:27

I got this from a website called, Mystic Mamma. Please visit if you are so inclined.

Effort is for its own reward, don’t you think? I know that I struggle all the time to make the effort. We all want the pay off. We all want the results, but that isn’t how it works. It isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey. It is about all the stops along the way of our life. It is all about the road and yes, where it takes us. But it is also totally about how we get there.

I have travailed so much glorious territory to get here.



It may not always look like effort in hindsight. But honestly, I think it is. I think we all move ourselves in directions we need to go. And sometimes that direction is unclear, in the moment. But then, later, looking back it is crystal clear. Ah yes. That is why I am here.

Here is where I need to be.




4 thoughts on “Effort is its Own Reward

  1. “It isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey.” So true; I forget this a lot and only in hindsight can I appreciate the scenery I passed.


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