A is for An Apple a Day

Hello Friends,

Today is the first day in a month long series based on the alphabet. This A to Z series is being hosted by: I will be continuing with my regular posts, but I will also complete the A to Z challenge as well. Some entries will be quite short. Some will be quite long. I appreciate any and all feedback about what you read here. It does help.

An Apple a Day
Just as one eats an apple a day to stave off visits from the doctor so shall I write everyday in order to come ever closer to my goal of finishing my novel. Writing every day will be my metaphorical apple. I am trying to develop my habit of writing to help me build my writing muscles.

Writing is such a personal struggle for me. I feel indulgent and selfish when I write. As if I am somehow not contributing or not “adding value” to my family, my marriage, or my community. Silly, I know. But still…

So, I will write every day. I will be including some excerpts from my novel as I go through this process. There are a few alphabet letters that just call to particular chapters. So be it.

Wish me well.


13 thoughts on “A is for An Apple a Day

  1. I do wish you well. My “thing” is art and with art as in writing, you need to draw something every day to increase your skills. Do I do this? No, but I should.


    • Natalie,
      The should are just killers aren’t they? I can understand your position. I think the key is doing just a little bit each day. Even if it is just one line of prose, or a doodle sketch. Have fun with your gift.


  2. Hi! Found out about the A-Z Challenge last evening and left the browser windows open so I could read up about it properly and visit a couple of the blogs.

    Congratzzzz for your first post and enjoy the rest of the month!


  3. Love your blog, so far that I have perused it on this A-Z Journey!! I look forward to reading more!

    *sigh – that is my dream to write a book…how DO you go about it??? How do you write every day? I so struggle with that, and for that reason you mentioned as well…if I am writing, then I can’t be DOing anything else.

    I look forward to watching your journey!

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    • Carrie,
      Thanks for visiting. One of the reasons I started this blog is to foster and develop my habits of writing. There are days when the “work” of writing the novel can feel quite daunting. Writing blog posts is so easy, in comparison. So I write different things depending on my strength and ability that day. Thanks for your encouragement.


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